Gender Armageddon

This episode of Subframe explores genders roles at the Panama Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) and specifically the shifting role of women around the time of the fair in 1915. We interview Sarah J. Moore, author of Empire on Display: San Francisco's Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915 who walks us through some iconic and gendered imagery of the fair. She also delves into how technology was shaping perceptions of gender.

We also speak with Abigail Markwyn, author of Empress San Francisco: The Pacific Rim, the Great West, and California at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, who talks with us about the various roles of women at the fair, including the presence of the Women’s Board, as well as the fair’s YWCA. Markwyn explains how those women-driven initiatives were also tied in with the women’s suffrage movement and the implications the movement had on people of different racial backgrounds.

Kip Reinsmith hosts this episode and shares his unique perspective on gender as a transman in modern day America.

This episode was produced by Kip Reinsmith and produced and edited by Tony Gannon.